We are Canyon Equity

Our story as private hotel investors

We are different, we are quirky, and we are contrarian. We are a vertically integrated investment company focused on the acquisition or development of ultra luxury and best in class resorts in unique destinations around the world.

Canyon’s carefully assembled core management team has multi-disciplinary hospitality background with extensive experience in development, investment banking, resort operations and asset management.


This is, and continues to be, our core competence. Over the years Canyon has gained prominence as one of the finest developers and owners of ultra luxury branded resorts and residences around the world.

Adjacent to many of our resorts are fully entitled land banks for the development of branded luxury residences for sale.

In a constant effort to reinvent ourselves, Canyon boldly ventured into the opposite spectrum of ultra luxury and embarked into the select service world; but with an adventurous twist. We decided to either acquire or develop select service hotels in and around state and national parks west of Colorado.

The rationale for this bookends strategy was born out of the recession in 2009 where ultra luxury and select service had an enormously higher probability of survival than the other classes of hotels and resorts. Canyon’s thesis was overwhelmingly validated.


The Canyon Group was formed in mid-2005 by a group of like-minded international investors who strived to attain the perfect blend of “passion & profit” in the world of hospitality. Their vision was to facilitate the creation of a company focused on the acquisition or development of small ultra luxury resorts around the world. They then joined hands with a highly experienced and multidimensional team of lodging-centric individuals from the United States and thus was born The Canyon Group of Companies headquartered in Larkspur, California, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Investment Strategy


Canyon deploys its capital in a very focused and disciplined manner. We look for high quality sites in unique destinations with strong demographics, where we can bring deep expertise to hotels and resorts that will be market leaders in their segment. We prefer off-market transactions, projects with minimal entitlement risk and have historically taken controlling positions in our investments.